Scott Kronick

Global Senior Advisor, PR &I, Ogilvy Asia

Joined Ogilvy in New York in 1987, moved to Taiwan in 1991 and then founded the Ogilvy PR offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in the mid-90s. Beginning in January 2021, Scott has embarked on a journey of study, writing, and teaching of everything he’s learned in his 35 years of working in public relations in the US and Asia, but continues to work with Ogilvy as a Senior Advisor to the Asia firm. In 2020, Ogilvy PR was named by PRovoke Media, the leading commercial publication for the PR industry, as the Agency of the Decade of Asia. Before his role as executive director of PR, Scott served as general director of North Asia, general director of China, and general director of Taiwan. Additionally, Scott is currently the president of the Page Society in China, the leading professional association in the world of high executives and educators of PR and corporate communications.
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